Freshers’ Sports Day 2019

Freshers' Sports Day @ Old Field:  12th October

We are excited to announce that this year's Freshers' Sports Day will be held on 12th October!!

Held at Trinity Old Field, our Freshers’ Sports Day gives new and old players alike the chance to try out the variety of different sports at Trinity! As well as meeting the captains, Freshers will also get to meet some of the team’s older players, making for a great day for everyone. There are also other amazing events planned for during the day which promise to be fun for all!


Football Pitch
1-2.30 Women's Football
2.30-4 Men's Football
Rugby Pitch
1-2.30 Rugby
2.30-4 Frisbee & Mixed Lacrosse (1/2 a pitch each)
Tennis Courts
1-2.30 Tennis
2.30-4 Hockey
Netball Courts
1-2.30 Netball
2.30-4 Tennis
Squash Courts
1-2.30 Squash
2.30-4 Table Tennis
Badminton Courts
1.30-3 Badminton
Cricket Nets
1-2.30 Cricket
Real Tennis Courts
1-3 Real Tennis