The Trinity Field Club Association, under the guidance of previous Field Club Presidents and Captains, provides an opportunity for past teammates to keep in contact, renew old friendships, and continue playing together. Sport at Trinity is the source of many happy memories and we would like to continue this spirit long after graduation. An annual sports day of matches is held between alumni and current Trinity teams as they battle it out for the Sports Day Shield, and- weather permitting- the day finishes with a BBQ at Trinity Old Field.

Membership is open to any Trinity member who has played for one or more of the Field Club teams. Where possible members are auto-enrolled each year, however if you would like further information or think that we may have missed enrolling you as an undergraduate, please contact the Alumni Office stating which Club(s) you played for.

This date for this year's Alumni Sports Day will be decided soon. Please email  the Alumni Office if you would like to be involved!