Do you own a pair of trainers? Then welcome to the most accessible sport around! College level athletics is accessible and low commitment; it’s a series of races throughout the year and there’s no minimum standard or expectation. Look out for info soon about the Freshers’ Fun Run!

You should definitely stay tuned for exciting news about college events, but for those looking for more regular athletics, there are two options:

Cambridge University Athletics Club does track and field events, so if you’ve been inspired by the Olympics and want to try something new, or you’re a seasoned athlete already then I’d recommend getting involved!

Cambridge University Hare & Hounds is a cross-country running club. They’re got a varied programme ranging from chilled Easy Running events and Friday afternoon Tea Runs (with cake at the end!), all the way through to marathon training and fell running.

Feel free to contact me, Dan Blower, at with any questions, and check out the websites below: