Captains: Iain Davies & Lawrence Hollom
Subjects:  Maths
Years:  3
Proudest Sporting Moment:  Competing for Cambridge University at BUCS athletics & captaining the University cross-country third team to a win against Oxford.

Training for athletics and running at Cambridge is organised on a university wide basis, making the sport a great way to meet lots of people at different colleges. There are two university wide athletics/running clubs: CUAC and CUHH (Cambridge University Athletics Club and Cambridge University Hare and Hounds respectively). CUHH is primarily a cross-country club, but is also for anyone interested in road races or anything long distance. CUAC, as the athletics club, is for anyone interested in sprints, throws and jumps. Middle distance runners (800/1500m) train with either club depending on what kind of training they prefer. More information can be found on their websites: and

For those looking to go on a casual run with some other people a few times a week, CUHH has an easy running group who organise several runs a week and a Tea Run every Friday: an easy 30 mins running followed by snacks at someone's college.

Cross country is also one of the only Cambridge sports with an open Varsity match; as well as the selected teams there is a "mob match" which anyone can run in no matter their ability. This is a fantastic opportunity to compete for your university and to experience the great atmosphere that accompanies any Varsity match.

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