Hi, I’m Saachi, the badminton president for the five Trinity teams. As you can see, it’s a really popular sport, with opportunities for all abilities, whether you want to compete for the college or have fun with your friends! I’m a fourth-year engineer and have been playing in the Trin team since freshers. I’ve also been in the college choir, so even if you have other stuff going on in your busy Cambridge schedules, there’s always room for a sport – so long as it’s badminton!

We’re a super sociable bunch and try to get together often, doing formals, swaps with other colleges, and even post-training ‘Spoons (or so I hear from the men’s second team!). Matches take place in the first two terms, with things wrapping up in time for exams. We do fairly well in the college rankings, our women’s first and mixed team having made it to the finals of Cuppers the past few years – we need new blood to help us win! This year we want to sort out some professional-looking kit, so if you join you can wear it out to Cindies and impress literally all of your friends.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you want a chat or a game. This year, I’ll mainly be chilling* at the engineering department, or the graphene centre in West Cambridge, or the music rooms behind the chapel trying to find amp cables in the drum cupboard.

*Or, you know, studying.

Badminton love,