President: Sahil Mali
Subject: Economics 
Year: 2
Proudest Sporting Moment: Representing Cambridge in the Varsity badminton match against Oxford

What reaches a top speed of 493 km/h?

A Bugatti Veyron? A Peregrine Falcon? A North Korean Missile?

Neither of these. It’s in fact the fastest badminton smash ever as of August 2017, recorded by the Malaysian Tan Boon Heong. Badminton is truly the most exhilarating sport there is.

Trinity is one of the few colleges with its own court (only a 10 minute walk away from most freshers’ accommodation), which makes it one of the most popular sports at the college. With three men’s teams and two women’s teams, we cater to all levels of players and if you don’t want to play competitively, you can always book the court with a friend for a more leisurely game. Badminton is also one of the most successful sports at Trinity with the men’s 1st team winning the college league last year and the women’s 1st team coming second.

We also are a super sociable group and get together often for dinners, formals and swaps with other colleges, making Badminton a fantastic way to meet other freshers.

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