Captains: Matyi Sajgo & Valentin Imbach
Subjects: Chemical Engineering & Maths
Years: 3 & 2
Proudest Sporting Moments: 

Matyi Sajgo- Getting bronze with my high school team at the Finals of the National Gymnastics competition (in Hungary). Also managing to hold a human flag for 30 seconds straight was a hell of a satisfaction.

Valentin Imbach- Either finally topping this really cool looking but seemingly impossible boulder at my local climbing gym with all sorts of heel hooks and knee bars or the first time I managed a beautiful frisbee flick across the entire pitch.

Climbing with Trinity is full of exhilaration, problem solving and socialising! We meet for weekly sessions at the Kelsey Kerridge bouldering wall, which means no ropes, harnesses or other gear required (although climbing shoes are helpful later, and make you look cool).

We welcome climbers of all levels, and we are willing to run beginner sessions for anybody interested in picking up an awesome sport! For the more competitive, you can challenge yourself with Cuppers and rival the other colleges! If you’d like to relax a little, join us for a chat – most of your time bouldering will be spent on breaks between climbs.

We also organise termly trips to fantastic venues such as the Castle Climbing Centre in London, which offers a huge range of bouldering, top roping and leading, as well as an outdoor area. Please get in touch with any questions at and we hope to see you on the wall!