Trinity College Field Club, though we might sound like some kind of niche offshoot of or rival to the Trinity College Geography Society – apologies to geographers, who might be disappointed that we’re not – is actually the umbrella sports society at Trinity College, Cambridge. We oversee, aid, and fund the running of the College’s twenty-two (and counting) sports clubs, many of which contain teams at multiple levels. Every member of the College is also a member of the Field Club, which makes us the largest college sports society in the University. Rowing, which alone of the sports goes it alone, are missing out!



College sport can be everything from a relaxed spot of pool in the wonderful college bar, through some light Sunday morning exercise and matches where nobody’s really keeping score, to rigorous training sessions, trials, and fitness regimes: it depends entirely on how high or low a level you’re aiming to play, how committed to the sport you want to be, and the ambitions of the team as a whole. Some Trinity sports teams are regular winners of Cuppers; others make more detailed plans for squad brunch on a Sunday than they do for training. We wouldn’t have it any other way!



We’re proud to offer Trinity students a greater choice of sports than they could find anywhere else, and to promise that the door will always be open for the establishment of a new sports club if a potential captain pitches an idea. From the traditional heavyweights of football and rugby, through the extremely popular sports of netball and badminton, to the hidden gems in which almost everybody will be a beginner when they arrive at Trinity like real tennis, water polo, and Ultimate, the Field Club aims to provide something for every single member of College, each of whom will always be welcome at any team’s practice.

The Club boasts impressive facilities adjacent to the main site of College at Old Fields, and has access to sites elsewhere in the city of Cambridge, which makes Trinity a fine choice of college for both the sportily-inclined and those who want to avoid putting in effort to make it to a low-key, gentle run-around.



The Field Club is run by a president and a secretary, both elected from the student body at the end of every year by the outgoing captains, a BA Sports Representative who is elected by the graduate members of College to the BA Society committee, and a treasurer and sports facilities secretary, who are Fellows of the College, and are more permanent fixtures on the committee without whom the Club would fall apart. The committee is made up of these five officers and the captains of every sports team, and meets once each term and at the end of the academic year. The Club also benefits from a dedicated groundskeeper, who keeps Old Fields in its ever-pristine condition.



We take grateful advantage of our generous funding to ensure that a top-drawer sporting experience is available to every member of College. Every college sports team is entitled to kit every three years, entirely paid for by the Field Club, and to apply for fully-paid professional coaching and strength and conditioning training. Field Club members who’ve put a little too much into their sport all have access to free, professional physiotherapy, and we also seek to cover all the necessary costs of running a sports team, such as equipment purchases, league and Cuppers entry fees, and court, pitch, or pool hire. Several of our most closely-knit teams even take the chance to jet off on tour to cure the blues that come with the end of the Field Club season in June!



The Field Club year runs from October to June, with the summer dedicated to the handovers from old captain to new and to arranging new kit, new equipment, and new plans for an even better year! The captain of every one of our teams is always present at Chaplain’s Squash on the first Sunday night in October, where the battle for the hearts of the new intake of undergraduate and postgraduate freshers begins. This fight moves from the plethora of mailing list sign-up sheets under the Wren Library to the real deal on freshers’ sports day, which occurs on the following Saturday: here, the whole Club is out in earnest to let freshers try out anything that might take their fancy, play a few completely unserious games, and start to decide just how many sports they’re going to juggle.

From that point, it’s over to the captains to organise their own practice times, socials, and matches, which will be publicised by email, on this website, and on the blackboard outside Hall. The next major Field Club event is the annual Sporting Exchange with Christ Church, Oxford, Trinity’s sister college. The exchange takes place at the end of Lent term (and not Hilary term, as some on the exchange would have you believe), and the venue alternates year by year. In 2017, Trinity will be the hosts for a full day of fair-natured sporting bouts in multiple sports, with trophies for the best players in every sport and a shield for the winning college, followed by formal Hall and a party that will overshadow anything Oxford could offer in 2018. Trinity, of course, is the perennial winner of the event, and our two consecutive defeats were merely accidents.

At the start of Easter term, we, in conjunction with the Trinity Field Club Association, host the annual alumni match. All of our ex-players in every sport are invited back to take on the current students for a day, and the result is always a close one: sometimes it’s the kids, and sometimes the kids-at-heart, who get their name on the shield. The students are the current champions, but the real winner is always the college bar!

Thoughts then turn to a peaceful term of exercise, de-stressing from revision, and Cuppers victories before the year concludes with the Field Club dinner, at which the best and most dedicated players in every team are rewarded with Field Club Colours, and with the annual team photographs in Great Court. From start to finish, then, the Field Club year is one packed full of excitement and opportunities to better yourself. We’re a large part of the soul of college life, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other university or college that takes such good care of its sportspeople.



Whoever you are, you’ll be welcome at any Field Club event and in any Field Club team. If you don’t know where to start – and we wouldn’t blame you if so! – check out the rest of the website, including the list of sports below, and drop our current president Matt a message at We can’t wait to have you on board!


The Field Club captains for 2016/17:

Sport Captain Email
Athletics Dan Blower
Badminton Saachi Sen
Basketball Matt Dougherty
Climbing Veronika Siska & Daniel Malz
Cricket Deaglan Bartlett
Football (5-a-side) Vlad Mandric
Football (Men's) Chris Scott
Football (Women's) Jess Hyde
Hockey (Men's) Vladimir Vankov
Hockey (Women's) Lauren Sendles White
Lacrosse Jack Eastwood & Judy Sayers
Netball (Mixed) David Morris
Netball (Women's) Claudia Dickinson
Pool Sam Shepherd
Real Tennis Brieuc Lehmann
Rugby (Men's) David Morris
Shooting Chris Bowring
Squash Noah Porcelli
Swimming & Water Polo James Ganendra
Table Tennis Damon Zhong
Tennis Ravi Willder
Ultimate Patrik Turzák
Volleyball Jirka Kučera