The Constitution

  1. General
    1. The name of the Club shall be the TRINITY COLLEGE FIELD CLUB, referred to hereafter as the Club.
    2. Membership of the Club shall be free to all members of the Trinity College, Cambridge and only members of that College may belong to the Club.
    3. The officers of the Club shall be the President, the Treasurer and the Secretary.
    4. The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of the officers of the Club, the captains of all the non-rowing College field sports having an established team participating in inter-collegiate competitions and having Blue or Half Blue status agreed by the University Blues Committees, one representative each from the BA Society and TCSU, and a Fellow of the College.
    5. The captain of any College sport not having Blue or Half Blue status may at any time propose to the Officers that the sport in question be considered as an Affiliated Sport. Subject to the unanimous agreement of the Officers, the sport shall be eligible to apply for funding (unless funded directly by the Amalgamated Clubs Committee) and for all other benefits of the Field Club, other than membership of the Committee (unless, exceptionally, agreed by the Committee as a whole).
  2. The Committee
    1. A meeting of the committee shall be held at least once a term. The Secretary shall post a notice of the time and venue of such meetings at least two days previously, or, in the case of the Easter Term meeting at which the officers are elected (see III.1 below), at least two weeks previously.
    2. Additional meetings of the committee shall be held at the written request to the Secretary of at least four members. Such a request must specify the business which it is proposed to bring before the meeting.
    3. All members of the Committee must attend each meeting or deliver an explanation of absence to the Secretary prior to the meeting. Captains of the constituent sports clubs may send a representative in their place, provided the Secretary has been previously notified of this.
    4. A quorum of the committee shall consist in the presence of the captains of at least four constituent sports clubs (or their representatives) and of at least one of the President and Secretary.
    5. Decisions of the committee shall be by a majority of those present and voting, except as provided in II.7 below. The President shall have a casting vote.
    6. In the absence of a quorum of the committee, the powers of the committee shall be entrusted to the President, provided that no decision taken in such circumstances shall be put into effect unless approved by the Treasurer.
    7. The Committee shall have power to alter this constitution provided such change is approved by two thirds of those present and voting. Notice of a notion for such change shall be sent to members at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which it is to be considered. Any changes in the constitution shall be subject to ratification by the College Council.
    8. The Committee may invite non-members to its meetings as observers.
  3. Election of Officers
    1. The officers, excepting the Treasurer, shall be elected at the final meeting of the committee in the Easter Term of the academical year to hold office for one year. Any member of the Club shall be eligible to stand for office.
    2. The Treasurer shall be appointed by the College Council.
    3. Those standing for office must be proposed and seconded by members of the committee present at the Easter Term meeting.
    4. Voting for the officers may be either by an open, visible vote, or, if required, by a secret ballot.
  4. Responsibilities of Officers
    1. President
      1. to see to the overall morale of the Club;
      2. to undertake such executive action as the committee decides, or, in the absence of a quorate meeting of the committee, as may be necessary;
      3. to liaise with the College authorities;
      4. to liaise with the groundsman and the Treasurer to ensure that the Club’s facilities are suitable for the successful conduct of the constituent sports clubs.
    2. Secretary
      1. to maintain a list of the members of the Committee;
      2. to notify members of the committee of its meeting as required by II.1 above;
      3. to prepare agenda and minutes for the committee;
      4. to distribute information about the activities of the Club to members;
      5. to take the responsibilities of the President in the event that that position should fall vacant.
    3. Captains
      1. It is the responsibility of the outgoing captain of a constituent club to inform the Secretary of his successor by the time of the final meeting of the Easter Term.
  5. Finance
    1. The Committee may propose financial outlays, but it shall obtain the approval of the Treasurer for any substantial item of expenditure.
    2. The Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the Club and shall produce them at the first meeting of the committee in the Michaelmas Term.