Football (Men’s)

Captains: Jakob Bull & Fedor Misyura
Subjects: Engineering
Years: 3 & 4
Proudest Sporting Moment: Playing all three football teams in one weekend last year & beating Jesus College 8-3 

Looking to do something relaxing on the weekend which will also be fun, social and active? Playing football in Trinity is perfect. TCAFC provides a welcoming and friendly environment: we are competitive of course, but more importantly we are all there to enjoy ourselves and we hope you will too – both through the football we play, the social events we organise together with the women’s team and other sports societies, and the tour which went to Porto for the Nations League finals two years ago.

Fielding three men’s football teams, there is always an opportunity for everyone to play, regardless of previous experience, position or schedule. We are keen to recruit lots of newcomers to help us play more good football. After a disruptive season last year, with the first and second teams getting relegated to divisions 2 and 4, all three teams are keen enjoy and win games this year and make a return to the premier league for the club. With the firsts having come second in the premier league the year prior, it’s not anything we haven’t done before!

We use Trinity Old Field, where we train twice a week. On the weekends we compete in league and cup competitions. Training usually involves some drills of our own choosing, games and shooting practice. We try to organise training sessions around availabilities to adapt to everyone’s busy schedules (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Despite the challenges of this year we hope to make the most of what we can both socially and on the pitch. Come find us at the Chaplains’ Squash, we’d love to have you and can’t wait to see what this year will bring! You can contact us on Facebook (please do find us and drop as a message) or by email at any time.

Contact: Fedor Misyura and Jakob Bull (