Football (Women’s)

Captain: Farzana Huysman
Subject: Engineering
Year: 3
Proudest Sporting Moment: Winning the Cuppers Plate with TCWAFC in first year!


I'm Farzana and I’m this year’s captain of TCWAFC, Trinity’s women’s football team. I'm a third year engineer, and also in my third year playing with TCWAFC. I've had lots of great fun throughout my TCWAFC years- our summer football tours have been a real highlight!

Joining TCWAFC is not only a great way to play 11-a-side football, as the name suggests, but also to do so much more. We have weekly weights sessions at the gym, coached by Harry, which are fantastic for working on our strength and conditioning while learning to use the proper technique. We also love the social side of the team - we have regular social activities, such as bowling and drinks nights, and an annual college-subsidised summer trip, most recently to Nice and Rome. Finally, our new kit and stash have earned us the title of Trinity’s best dressed sports team.

We had a stellar season two years ago, when we won the Cuppers Plate and finished second in our league. With a completely new team last year, we had a tougher start to the season, losing some of our early matches, but soon picked up momentum and won a number of our final games, managing to escape relegation and remain in Division I for this season. We have also had great success during our sports days against Christchurch, beating them in the last two years. This year, with a number of players moving into their second season, we will be looking to have a better season and will definitely be on the hunt for some silverware!

Experience? Not at all necessary! Most of our players (including myself) join TCWAFC as complete beginners, and within a few weeks their inner footballing talent is unleashed. We are a relatively low commitment society - we train once a week and usually have one match a weekend - so it's very easy to combine football with other sports or societies. There is also a sports fund which will help you cover the cost of boots and shinguards. Join TCWAFC and experience all we stand for - football, fun and friendship!

If you have any questions, drop me a line at I hope to see you soon on the team and look forward to a great footballing year!