Hey guys, I'm Vlad, a fourth-year maths student and captain of the Titz men. The name comes from Trinity-Fitz, as our team is joint with Fitzwilliam college! College hockey is very fun - we have fairly chilled-out training schedules (so it won't affect your studies, and people playing other sports too can take part), but we play matches against other colleges almost every week. It's great for people who enjoy the sport yet are put off by the intensive training commitments of uni-level hockey, but uni players also tend to take part for some extra (more relaxed) hockey and players new to the sport are also welcome, since we can teach you the ropes very quickly and get you enjoying games in no time! The hockey team socialises a lot (often together with the Titz women) and is a great way for freshers to make new friends, especially from outside Trinity given our connection with Fitz. People not in their first year can join too! Hope to see lots of new faces this year in the upcoming college hockey seasons!

You can contact me at vv266@cam.ac.uk if you'd like more information about men's hockey at Trinity.