Hockey (Men’s)

Captain: Christopher Bealey
Subject: Classics
Proudest Sporting Moment:
Scoring two goals and getting an assist in a ‘must-win’ club game, but still receiving the Dick of the Day award for managing to get both a green and yellow card (very questionable umpiring!).

For the last few years the Trinity hockey team (in coalition with Fitzwilliam College) has been very successful, with a number of highlights including beating Christchurch (Oxford) in the annual Field Club varsity tournament, as well as only losing one league game last year.

College hockey welcomes players of all standards – having a big number of players every weekend is more important than how experienced you are, so feel free to join in and get in touch! We play inter-college games on Sundays and I’m hoping to have training once a week (depending on availability), although how involved you get is entirely up to you. We also occasionally compete in a mixed league with the women’s team

Another great thing about College Hockey is the social side. Importantly, it’s a very relaxed atmosphere, and offers a great chance to meet a few friendly faces in the college. We will try to get together at least once a term for team meals and nights out. Hockey offers up a great way to squeeze in some exercise around your work, whilst having fun.

If you’re reading this, chances are you want to play some hockey during your time in college, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at for more information, or to ask any questions!