Hockey (Men’s)

Captain: Dan Westoby
Subject: Maths 
Proudest Sporting Moment:
Winning the last game of the league as part of my club, despite a social the night before, and throwing up at half-time. This resulted in us winning the league and me earning myself man-of-the-match and dick-of-the-day simultaneously.

Hockey is an exciting, fast-paced, lop-sided game, owing to the fact that you are required to control, pass and hit a ball with a stick you're only allowed to use one side of.

Whilst hockey can be incredibly technical when played at a high level, college hockey is more than accessible to first time players, and if I'm honest, very reliant on them. There is a very relaxed feel to college hockey, but we do play inter-college games on Sundays and have training once a week, for which we are in the process of organising a professional coach. There have a been one or two gym sessions in the past too, non-compulsory of course.

For a few years Trinity have been in coalition with Fitzwilliam College, who compete together in an aptly named "Titz" squad. In recent years, somewhat controversially, Titz have had a lot of success, including reaching the final in the men's, women's and mixed cup, and winning the men's last year. No pressure then!

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