Captains: Eloise Groves & Harry Whelan
Subjects: English & Medicine
Years: 3
Proudest Sporting Moments: The night out after the Christchurch sport swap!

Have you never heard of lacrosse? Were you a lacrosse star at school? Did you click on this page because you wondered why on earth this niche sport does well at Trinity?

Either way, mixed lacrosse is the sport for you. A bit like hockey in the air, mixed lacrosse needs players who aren’t afraid of being aggressive or chasing down that very last ground ball. Our successful team this year has been made up of players from a range of other sports who want to try out this new sport in an informal way. Mixed lacrosse is also a great way to meet people from other years - there’s no better team bonding than a cold Sunday morning on a lacrosse pitch!

Mixed lacrosse is a fairly low commitment sport - but the more you play, the more likely you are to get kit this year! So come along and give it a go - it might be the sport you’ve been looking for all this time.

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