Captain: David Morris
Subject: Engineering
Age: 20 (3rd year)
Most famous for: Being too tall for Trinity


What do you get if you take one of the best women’s netball teams in Cambridge, and throw in a handful of sporty guys? If you said “the Trinity Mixed Netball team”, give yourself a pat on the back.

Arguably the lowest commitment sport on offer. We do not train, we simply show up for our regular weekend match and within half an hour it’s over and done with (naturally, always with a Trinity win as a result!).

Don’t take our relaxed nature as weakness though. Last year we were undefeated in the league, losing just one game in the entire year (the final of Cuppers).

We never discriminate, but women who are new to the game may find the second women’s team to be better, since they actually train. In any case, we’ll help you find the netball team that suits you, and you’ll always be welcome in any of them! Any gents who want to take up a new sport/don’t have much time to exercise/are already netball legends then drop me a message –