The Committee

Your Field Club Committee for the 2019-2020 academic year:

Role Name Email
President James Hughes
Secretary Grace Montague-Fuller
BA Sports Representative Christoph Kehle
Treasurer Dr Joan Lasenby


Subject: History
Year: 3
Sports Played: Rugby, Mixed Netball.
Proudest Sporting Moment: Winning the Boot final with the TCRUFC.


I’m James and I’m this year’s Field Club President. The Field Club encompasses all college sports bar rowing, and as a Committee headed up by myself and our Secretary Grace, alongside all College Captains, we’re in charge of Trinity Sport & seek to drive Trinity College to sporting glory.

College Sport offers a competitive edge, whilst being a more relaxed commitment than University level sport. Surely you need no convincing to represent the Red, Blue and Gold of Trinity College?! Whether you consider yourself a serious athlete/competitor or more of a casual participant inspired by a burning college loyalty, then College Sport is for you. Regardless of your experience level exercise is crucial for mental health and for many an important outlet from the stresses of the university workload. I have particularly found college sport to be the best way to get to know the wider college community and make friends across years, it is a crucial part of the ‘collegiate experience’. In some cases, we also have merged sides twinned with other colleges which allow you to meet people beyond the college bubble.

Check out our website! We have a whole range of sports teams each with their own page. Now is the time to consider getting involved. College level can be a fantastic opportunity to continue or return to a sport you love, or simply allow you to try something new. Stash is always on offer and potentially you could be a future college sports captain… So do not hesitate to get in touch with me or any of our captains.


Subject: Classics
Year: 3
Sports Played: Hockey
Proudest Sporting Moment: Winning Supercuppers at the Varsity Hockey match!

Hi there!

I’m Grace, your  Field Club Secretary. I work with the president, James, to keep the Field Club running smoothly, handling the publicity side of the Club and keeping track of all our sports results.

I am really keen to recruit freshers (and older students too!) for any of our Field Club sports and will be trying hard to get as many people  as possible to turn up to play for Trinity- teamwork does in fact make the dream work.

As well as all the sport, I really love the social side of the Field Club, and I'll look to arrange a few socials and events to make sure everyone gets involved!

I hope to see loads of you representing Trinity and the Field Club on the sports pitches - make sure you keep an eye out on both Facebook and Instagram for our sports and social events!

Please feel free to drop me an email ( if you have any questions.




Subject: Biochemistry
Year: 2 (PhD)
Proudest Sporting Moment: You have to be humble in defeat, and humble and magnanimous in victory

Welcome, sports fanatics. My name is Alberto and I am the BA Sports Officer of the 2020/21 academic year. My role is to organise casual sporting events for postgraduate students and look after the proper functioning and maintenance of the gym, sport facilities, and equipment. I can also try to help you out with any question you may have about doing sport at Trinity, or formally propose any suggestion you might be considering for the improvement of the Old Field. 

Always happy to help and, remember, stay fit and exercise to achieve a healthy mind in a healthy body! 


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at 


Dr Joan Lasenby, a Fellow of Trinity in Engineering and a one-time Trinity undergraduate herself, is the woman who makes sure that our lovingly-crafted and diligently-funded sports teams have a place to play their sports. As our Treasurer, she manages the Club's accounts, keeping our finances in the black and paying off the expenses the Club runs up over the academic year. All funding proposals ultimately are approved by the Treasurer, but please do ensure all correspondence goes first to the Field Club president at, who will help you fine-tune your proposal and pass it on.