The Committee

Your Field Club Committee for the 2017-2018 academic year:

Role Name Email
President Hilary Foord
Secretary Farzana Huysman
BA Sports Representative Christoph Kehle
Treasurer Dr Jeremy Fairbrother
Sports Facilities Secretary Dr Joan Lasenby



Subject: Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
Year: 3
Sports Played: Rugby, Mixed Lacrosse and Mixed Netball
Proudest Sporting Moment: Playing for Cambridge in the Rugby League Varsity Game against Oxford in 2017 & 2018.


As Field Club President, I am here to address all your college sport related needs. I manage the captains to make sure they are providing the best sport experience for every team and person at Trinity.

I also run the college-wide sporting events, such as Freshers’ Sports Day, Alumni Sports’ Day, and our annual Varsity Match against Christ Church College, Oxford, which this year will be at Trinity and is easily one of the highlights of the year.

My main passion is rugby and I find it’s a great way to distract myself (or procrastinate) from my work. So I’m always looking forward to Saturday to run off a bit of steam and play some rugby with my mates.

College sport is a great mix of being able to continue, or begin, your sporting passion but also to have fun. I’d encourage you all to sing up to as many sports and just have fun with them! Looking forward to seeing you all on the fields and courts this coming year.

Trin sports love,



Subject: Engineering
Year: 4
Sports Played: Football, Hockey, Netball & Touch Rugby
Proudest Sporting Moment: My 100% win record against Christchurch in football and hockey.


I’m Farzana, your Field Club Secretary. I work alongside Hilary to keep the Field Club running smoothly, handling the publicity side of the Club and keeping track of all our sports results.

I am really keen to recruit freshers (and older students too!) for any of our Field Club sports and will definitely be reaching out to our alumni for the Alumni Sports Day. In addition, I hope to organise a successful (i.e. Trin-winning) home varsity against Christchurch College, Oxford.

My weekends are usually filled with college sports games, having captained the women’s football team last year and been involved with netball and hockey. A real highlight for me is the mixed touch rugby tournaments Trinity plays in the summer, a fantastic way to take a break from work!

I hope to see you involved with the Field Club this year - keep an eye out for our sports and social events! Please drop me an email if you’d like to know anything more.

Trin sports love,


Subject: Maths
Year: 3 (PhD)
Sports Played: Ice Hockey, Football and more casual Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball...
Proudest Sporting Moment: Varsity Champion 2017 (Ice Hockey) and defeating Christchurch in football in 2015.

Hi all,

I’m Christoph your BA sports representative. I look after the grad side of sport and ensure that there is plenty of sporty things for BAs to do! We will organise sport events throughout the year: Some are on a more regular basis like Saturday morning parkrun or kickabouts on the backs but we will also organise annual events like the sports day co-hosted with John's. There is also a great selection of lawn games and various balls in the BA rooms which can be borrowed from there.

If you have any questions about college sport, do drop an email - I’m always happy to hear from people keen to get involved with sport, whether it be for a kickabout on the backs or joining one of the many teams.

Sports love,



Dr Jeremy Fairbrother, a Fellow of Trinity and formerly the College’s Senior Bursar, has for a while been fully enjoying his promotion to the Field Club Treasurer role! As our Treasurer, he manages the Club's accounts, keeping our finances in the black and paying off the expenses the Club runs up over the academic year. All funding proposals ultimately are approved by the Treasurer, but please do ensure all correspondence goes first to the Field Club president at, who will help you fine-tune your proposal and pass it on.


Dr Joan Lasenby, a Fellow of Trinity in Engineering and a one-time Trinity undergraduate herself, is the woman who makes sure that our lovingly-crafted and diligently-funded sports teams have a place to play their sports. Dr Lasenby, in conjunction with our excellent groundskeeper Darren Wood, co-ordinates the use of all the College’s sporting facilities, at Trinity Old Field and beyond. She knows everything there is to know about college sport, right down to a precise history of changes to the gym’s opening hours, and runs a mean Google calendar. Questions should be directed in the first place to the Field Club president at, who will also happily forward all your messages of gratitude and praise to Dr Lasenby.