The Field Club Committee for the academic year 2016-2017:

Role Name Email
Field Club President 2016/17 Matt Hassall
Field Club Secretary 2016/17 Brieuc Lehmann
BA Sports Representative 2016/17 Brieuc Lehmann
Treasurer Dr Jeremy Fairbrother
Sports Facilities Secretary Dr Joan Lasenby



Yo everyone!

I’m Matt, and, hilariously (you’ll understand when you see the size of my arms), I’m your Field Club president this year. I am super excited for what will be an utterly fab season!

College sport is literally the best thing ever, and if you needed me to tell you that, you definitely need to get down to Old Fields and check us out!

I’m now into my third year as a historian. I blagged my way through a year as tennis captain in my second year, people’s goodwill sustained by a mailing list that was genuinely hilarious and featured my very best comic material (that’s not a lie, and those who were on that mailing list feel sorry for the terrible sense of humour I’ve been inflicted with), played a bit of college badminton in exchange for the socials, and then stood for Field Club president this time on a promise to be really smiley all the time. Nothing’s gone awfully wrong so far, and if stuff functions when I’m doing it, then you can definitely get as involved with the Field Club as you’d like!

My most important presidential job is ‘to see to the overall morale of the Club’ (honestly, read the constitution, I technically have almost nothing to do, and Brieuc the secretary is the one keeping everything alive!), which I’m going to do by cracking rubbish jokes, putting kisses on the end of all my emails, getting through the full range of emojis in my Facebook posts, and throwing a really quality party on the night of the Christchurch Exchange in March.

Apart from that, I’m the middle man between captains and college when it comes to funding, so if your team wants to get some awesome kit in gorgeous blue, red and yellow, hire a court, pitch or pool, book a professional coach or strength and conditioning trainer, or buy more balls, Frisbees, bullets, or shuttles, then it’s me you need to convince – this doesn’t take much doing!

I’ll also be organising the three biggest highlights of the college year (and don’t let anyone tell you they’re not!): freshers’ sports day in Michaelmas, the annual exchange with Christchurch, Oxford (who we never lose to, of course) in Lent, and the Field Club alumni match in Easter. You’ll all be able to join in with those – even if it’s just to cheer on from the sidelines or meet the people from the dark side in the bar!

My coolest responsibility, though, comes when any of you reading this have a great idea for a new team. If we aren’t quite satisfying all your sporting needs (as if such a thing could ever happen!) and you can think of something we should be doing too, hunt me down and pitch it to me! This year we’ve got brand new five-a-side football and climbing teams, so take some inspiration from the fab Vlad, Veronika, and Daniel and follow in their footsteps!

The less flashy bits of the job include making sure everyone stays awake during the termly committee meetings and trying to convince somebody to replace me at the end of the year – this is no price at all for getting to have so much Field Club fun!

I am determined to stick to my biggest manifesto promise of smiling at you all – I’m no Nige – so hopefully you’ll all feel really welcome to hit me up or drop by my room in Whewell’s G if there’s ever anything sporty to want to ask about or get involved in! We’re always keen to have new players, new captains, and, when the election comes round, new Field Club officers. I’ve got a swish new email address at, and the only thing I want to do is persuade every last one of you to play some college sport, or at least come to our socials!

See you all on court, on the pitch, in the pool, or in the bar!

Lots of love from Matt xx


Hello lovely people,

I'm Brieuc, your Field Club Secretary (and, for you lucky grads, the BA Sports rep) for this year! All that basically means is that I'm here to assist our fantastic President, Matt, in everything he does for the Field Club. I'm also responsible for the more behind-the-scenes stuff like maintaining this website and arranging Field Club meetings.

I'm now in the 2nd year of my PhD, having done my undergrad here in maths. Yep, that's 5 years of Trinity and counting! My wardrobe is almost overflowing with accumulated stash. College sport has played a huge part in my time here, and I really couldn't recommend getting involved enough. My main sports are real tennis, lawn tennis' direct ancestor which you should definitely check out here (plug over), and football, so I've got experience with the niche... and the less-niche.

If you've got any questions at all about college sport, or you'd just like to tell me how much you like the website, or if you're a captain and you've forgotten when the next meeting is, then do drop me an email at

Trin love,



Dr Jeremy Fairbrother, a Fellow of Trinity and formerly the College’s Senior Bursar, has for a while been fully enjoying his promotion to the Field Club Treasurer role! Without Dr Fairbrother, who manages the Club’s accounts, keeps our finances in the black, and pays off the many expenses the Club runs up, the tendency of the students on the committee to improvise their way through the year would have been exposed long ago, and the Field Club would finally have been taken over by geographers making day trips to Grantchester Meadows. The Treasurer is ultimately the person to whom all funding proposals go, but please do ensure that all correspondence goes first to the Field Club president at, who will help you fine-tune your proposal and pass it on.



Dr Joan Lasenby, a Fellow of Trinity in Engineering and a one-time Trinity undergraduate herself, is the woman who makes sure that our lovingly-crafted and diligently-funded sports teams have anywhere to play their sports at all. Dr Lasenby, in conjunction with our excellent groundskeeper Darren Wood, co-ordinates the use of all the College’s sporting facilities, at Old Fields and beyond. She knows everything there is to know about college sport, right down to a precise history of changes to the gym’s opening hours, and runs a mean Google calendar. Questions should be directed in the first place to the Field Club president at, who will also happily forward all your messages of gratitude and praise to Dr Lasenby.