Real Tennis

Captain: Aaron Wienkers
Subject: Maths
Year: 1 (of PhD)
Proudest Sporting Moment:  Hitting King Henry VIII in the nose to take set point at the Royal Tennis Court in Hampton Court Palace!

Hello (future) real tennis enthusiasts!
My name is Aaron and I am the captain for Trinity College Real Tennis Club. For those of you in the dark, real tennis is (lawn) tennis' direct ancestor, made popular by the founder of our college, King Henry VIII. It is a very unusual game, played indoors, with all sorts of jutting walls and peculiarities such as the winning gallery (a net on the side which makes a ringing sound if you hit the ball in, winning you the point immediately).

If you enjoy racquet sports (especially lawn tennis and squash), then you should absolutely give real tennis a go. The courts are conveniently located near Burrell's Field, just opposite Robinson College.

Please drop me an email at if you want to be added to the mailing list or if you would like some more information about real tennis at Trinity!