Tennis at Trinity is one of the most popular sports, and has a large following across all year groups – indeed, its prestige can be noted by the fact that last year’s tennis captain, Matt Hassall, now rules as honourable overlord of the Field Club. Trinity has at least two teams every year in the college tennis leagues, which run in Michaelmas, and also enters teams in the knockout Cuppers tournament that spans Lent and Easter terms. Informal squad trials will be held near the start of Michaelmas, although opportunities to represent a team at some point during the year are open to all – only enthusiasm required! In addition, there are weekly social tennis sessions open to all (rackets and balls provided, although bringing your own is encouraged), regardless of ability.

Getting involved with tennis at Trinity, no matter at what level, also means that aesthetic stash will be on offer – think sweatbands and shirts with college colours and badges. Tennis formals will also be held this year, to help build chemistry off the court as well as on it. For further information and to get involved, be sure to like our Facebook page Trinity Tennis and join our group, or get in touch with this year’s captain, Ravi Willder, via Hermes ( or Facebook. Freshers should also be sure to sign up at Chaplain’s Squash in Michaelmas.