Captain: Robert Paraoan & Hao Huang
Subject: Natural Sciences (physical) & Land Economy
Proudest Sporting Moment: Rob loved the feeling of winning his first tennis match for the university and Hao fondly remembers winning his first doubles match for Trinity with the ex-captain.

Tennis here at Trinity is great! Whatever your level, from complete beginners to future successful university players, there is something here for you.

We run dedicated coached sessions for team members during the week, which are perfect for honing your skills, as well as a more mixed ability social practice session at the weekend. As members of Trinity, you can of course also book and use one of the courts anytime for free (three astro-turf and two hard) for your own knockabout or match. But one thing is common to all – everyone is really friendly and we pride ourselves on maintaining a nice atmosphere.

Competitively, we field three men’s teams and have a joint women’s team with Emmanuel College. The 1sts are entering our fourth consecutive season in division 1 and the 2nds are rising up the divisions fast, so we really are at the highest level of college tennis. Leagues run both in Michaelmas and Lent terms, with matches usually taking place on a weekend.

On top of these, we also have some special tennis events during the year. Of course we challenge our O*ford sister college, Christ Church, during the Field Club’s annual varsity match (which will take place in Cambridge next year), but we also have an annual match against a group of Trinity Alumni under the guise of the Bar Lawn Tennis Society Team.

So all in all, we have sessions all year round suitable for all levels, exciting events and the chance to play competitively up to even the highest level. Not even a lack of equipment can stand in your way, as you can borrow balls and rackets from the porters lodge. We look forward to meeting you, and please do come along at the fresher’s sports day!

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