Trainings (Michaelmas 2016):

Tuesdays 2pm-4pm Old Fields
Thursdays 2pm-4pm Backs (South Paddock)


Ultimate is a fast-paced, non-contact, mixed sport played with a flying disc. Don't worry that you've never heard about or played Ultimate before, many people start at University. The sport is super fun, the worldwide community of players is friendly and welcoming and the love for Ultimate is a love for life.

The game is played at a rectangular pitch with two end zones. The rulebook can be simplified to three core things: a goal is scored when the disc is caught in an end zone, the player in possession of the disc can't take steps and Spirit of the Game.

Ultimate adopts the offence/defence split similar to American football. The offensive team advances up the field by passing the disc player to player while defence, naturally, tries to make it difficult. Any player who catches the disc must stop as soon possible. A turnover occurs when the defence intercepts the disc, disc is dropped or flies out of the playing field.

Spirit of the Game encapsulates sportsmanship, respect for opponents and adherence to the rules. As such, with the exception of professional American leagues, Ultimate is self-refereed, even at international level. The players call the fouls themselves and disputes are resolved through a debate. A breach of the rules is not followed by a penalty or punishment, but rather the players try to resume the game in a manner which is as close as possible to the state without rules violation happening.

The best way to experience the joy of the game is to join us at one of our practices. We run two practices a week, open to absolutely everyone. On weekends we play matches against other Cambridge teams in College League. Ends of terms are marked by larger events: Indoors Cuppers in Michaelmas, Hat Tournament in Lent and Outdoors Cuppers in Easter. At hat tournaments players don't play with their usual teams but in experience-balanced random teams (with the names of players picked out of a hat).

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