Captain: Robert Paraoan
Subject: Natural Sciences (Physical)
Proudest Sporting Moment:  Leading the college team to an unbeaten record in cuppers in my first year.

Volleyball at Trinity is a blast! We have a really welcoming group, so whatever your level we look forward to meeting you. Most people have never played before coming, but they always seem to pick it up really quickly so don’t let that put you off.

That being said, our plucky squad went undefeated in the college league last year, so we really do play at a good level (and you will too of course)! The key to our success is the chemistry that holds the team together, so playing volleyball is a great way to make friends and to meet people outside the college, since the team is joint with Queens’ College.

We train once a week indoor at the Trinity gym on Sundays, though if you want you can of course book the court for free anytime during the week if you fancy playing more. Just message in the Facebook group and there will definitely be people willing to play with you. The net and balls are already there at the court so it’s really convenient.

The highlight of the year is the Cuppers league in Lent term. We get to play at the nearby Leys School on an amazing court and test our skills against other colleges. The picture above is of us winning our first match last year!

If you have any other questions, please do get in touch. See you on the court!

Contact: Robert Paraoan (raip2@cam.ac.uk)