Hi, I'm Jirka, a second-year natural scientist from the Czech Republic and the captain of Trinity’s volleyball team. I have been playing with the Cambridge Blues throughout last season and, besides that, I have three years of experience as a beach volleyball player – not to mention six years of rowing!

Volleyball is a beautiful sport. It involves a lot of skill, agility, team play and, above all, a lot of fun. Not many things in the world feel as good as diving for a ball or spiking it so hard that the other team's morale drops instantly to zero.

If you are even slightly interested in playing then our team is the right place for you. We support all levels of skill, ranging from complete newbies to aspirants to one of the university teams.

The aim is to have at least one training session per week, plus regular matches against other colleges. In addition to that, I will be running uni-wide sessions on Fridays on behalf of the Blues: anyone aiming to improve his/her/their technique is highly encouraged to join these sessions.

If you want to join the team or need more information, just send me an email at jk652@cam.ac.uk.

See you on the court!